"Shortage of supply teachers blighting Fife classrooms"

Posted by Scottish Supply Teachers on September 3, 2016 at 8:35 AM


Sadly the shortage of supply teachers is the norm now in most Scottish councils. It was inevitable based on a series of blows:  The low pay supply deal done by EIS and Cosla, introduction of 32 period week to make teachers work to the last minute, reducing teachers number in schools to save money, SMT spread too thinly to provide backup when required, too much paperwork, no extra resources, funds or time provided but somehow teachers should change the whole curriculum and they way they teach are some of the reasons behind this shortage.

It is not even December yet when flu season usually starts. Teachers are exhausted, not only doing their job, which is difficult enough but also covering for others. Saving money is the only goal so who cares if our children are getting taught by subject specialists or just supervised day after day for months.


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