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    In what capacity does the Scottish Supply Teacher's Network (SSTN) operate?

     We exist to help communication and co-ordinate between members. Since supply teachers rely on being called up for work they are often reluctant to be identified.  We allow people to communicate anonymously and help each other and we can provide a public face for the work that needs to be done.


    What resources does the SSTN have?

    The SSTN is a very small number of volunteers with limited time, we have no resources but our will to succeed! Our site hosting fees and anything else we have had to spend has come out of our own pockets.  Working as supply teachers ourselves, we also have limited time to spend and have to focus it appropriately.


    I have questions, who should I ask?

     You've started on a good page :-)  Try reading through the site, and the forums. If you have questions still then please post them on our forums, that way everyone can help and can also see the answers.


    Why aren't you doing x,y or z?

    If you think something would be good to do, post about it on the forums, do some research about the subject and tell us your findings. We need people who want to bring useful ideas and information to the network and implement them. We can't do everything ourselves, but we are always happy to tell everyone all about it.